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Language of Caring
Science of Change


Training in caring conversation that promotes the self-change process and the science of change to make behavior change stick

What we do

We help people to develop the critical skills that enable them to help themselves, and also assist others to help themselves make positive and lasting behavior change.


Become your own Best Coach

We help people shift mindset and change behavior in ways that work to deliver the results they want and fit their unique needs, values, interests, and preferences.

Identical to US Curriculum

We use the same curriculum as our US counterpart (same qualifications), but the live training will be based on Singapore examples and situations.

Online Training

The bulk of your training is done online, at your own pace, using any f=device you like, including mobile phones, tablets, notebooks or desktops.

Courses for Professionals, Community Activists, and Peers

How many times have you struggled to get people you care about or work with to make the changes they say they want or you think they should make?
Learn the language of caring conversation and science of behavior change to engage people in their own self-change process.
Gain the practical skills you need to help others help themselves live longer, healthier and happier lives.

Photo Credit: Pexels – Yan Krukov

Staff Training for Agencies and Organisations

Today’s “new normal” is anything but “normal.”

Never before have agencies and organisations been called on to do so much more with so much less at a time when the need was so great.

CFG provides the staff training you need to take the effectiveness and efficiency of your agency or organisation to the next level.

Our approach is person-centered, strength-based, solution-focused, and outcomes-driven based on a biopsychosocial-spiritual model.

Our Trainers and our training material

We are a franchisee and partner of the Institute for Wellness Education (IWE) in the USA and currently use IWE training materials and trainers to run CFG’s courses.

Our initial courses in 2021 and 2022 will be run exclusively by Dr Deborah Teplow and IWE via video conference from the USA. Dr Teplow is the CEO of IWE and created the national occupational competencies and training curriculum that established wellness coaching as an official occupation recognized by the US Department of Labor (SOC #21-1094.00).

More informaton about IWE can be found here.


Here’s what people say about IWE’s training:

“What I realized that at the end of the course, not only did I feel more capable of helping others, but I felt more capable of helping myself.”

“I received great information to help move clients through the stages of change and remain solution-focused instead of focusing on all their problems.”

“This course opened up a door to my life that I never imagined was there.”

“There were so many different formats to learn from. The course broke everything down into a very simple, easy format that helped me with my interactions with clients. It gives you very specific examples and tools to practice. And you get a lot of great pointers, especially in the practice sessions.”

“One thing of the biggest things about this course is no matter what, your perspective will change. And if your perspective changes, then in the end, ultimately your behavior will change. And if your behavior changes, your environment, your experiences, everything, will also change for a better outcome.”

“This program will change your life. It will help enhance your life significantly, and help you with your career, your family, with your friends. You will get all kinds of education and information that you can actually use. There is nothing in this training that can’t be used in every facet of your life. It’s just a great training!”

“The program gave me a new perspective and ideas to engage clients without putting up barriers.”

“After each session, I not only shared the knowledge with my colleagues, but also with my clients, peers, personal friends, family members, and my therapist.”

“Deborah is an awesome teacher. She will pull things out of you that you never thought you had in you. She will help you gain the skills and wording that you need to work well with other people, and she will work with you until you get it. I love Deborah. She did a wonderful job training us!”

“It was really interesting to see how my own peers, when we were going through the journal, would keep talking about it. At the end of a journaling session, they would ‘when are we meeting again?’ ‘When are we going through the next section in our journal?’”

“The program has helped me understand how to manage change for myself and my team. It gave me a lot of tools to use in the process of moving up into leadership positions. I can understand people better, which helps me be a better leader.”

“It’s a very reasonable approach in terms of time. it’s very reasonable in terms of cost. And the return on investment is certainly very high. Finally, you really develop some great colleague connections that I still have today even though I finished the first two courses already — so I’d say, take a leap!”