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Change For Good is a social ground-up movement, started by a group of overactive youth who set out to prove that Singaporeans are kinder than the world thinks.

To do this, we created Venny the Vending Machine, which allows people to leave behind the change from their purchase, "paying it forward" to give a random stranger a free drink, making their day.

Part social experiment, part project-borne-out-of-hyperactivity, we hope that following our project will bring you joy and inspire you to make a day in our Singapore :)


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3 steps of good change

Step 1: Leave change after buying drink
Step 2: Small change combines into a big change for good
Step 3:  A random lucky person gets a free drink

You've spread kindness and made someone's day!

Wall Of Change

Buy a drink, make  a day!
Here are friends who received a token of kindness from everybody's small change :)
Click on the image to see who contributed to their free drinks!


Post your own pictures of everyday kindness, and tag it #changeforgoodsg!

What can i do?

1. Like and follow us on social media! (links in footer)

2. Check out our  Blog for news on what we are currently working on

3. Come  visit Venny over the weekends!

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